I am an ordained priestess and tarot reader.

I am also an artist, photographer, filmmaker and thereby trained in the art of seeing.

I have always been a sensitive creative, an empath and an interpreter of energy.

For as long as I could remember, people would insist on hearing what I have to say on matters of the heart and life. 

So, through tarot cards I divine and make clear truths that most already know. . .deep inside.

In ceremony, I carefully craft words to express gratitude for the moment I am sharing with a couple, with families and with friends.

With my art, I make visual inspirations that motivate my heart.

I enjoy sharing my gifts because it is an opportunity to communicate with source and participate in something greater than myself.

But, I also know that this gift and form of communication is not special to only me.
We all have it and it is my pleasure (and obligation) to assist others in accessing it - for an hour via a session or for a lifetime through developing a practice.

The first step is to simply get comfortable in silence, connect and humbly wait for messages to appear.

And, when I see something I will say something.

Let's Begin...